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What's Included?

What's Included in Your Turman Log Home Package?

Loft Choose from a variety of profiles: 6" x 8" and 8" x 8" D-Logs, 6" x 12" and 8" x 12" chink-style logs available in both solid and laminated. All logs are pre-cut and fully customized. A starter course is milled flat with a lip that overhangs your sub-floor. Door and window openings are included with pre-recessed trim. All electrical boxes and chases are milled and customized. A top course is included, and either milled flat to make setting your trusses fast and easy, or pre-cut to receive your timber frame roof system. We also include matching shiplap log siding for skirt board and optional 3/4" T&G for you interior walls.

Drawings, Plans, Blue Prints, and Packing List

Each Turman Log Home package comes with either stock or custom drawings, plans, blue prints, and a packing list. All plans come with a numbered wall schedule: match the number on the log to its placement on the diagram for fast stacking. If required by local county or province, Turman Log Home blue prints will be stamped by a certified structural engineer. Packing lists are included to make job site organization easier and faster.

Roof Package

Rafters Choose a complete timber frame roof system and receive heavy timber ridge beams and rafters, all pre-cut at our manufacturing facility and ready for job site assembly.

Also choose from a traditional framing package or a truss roof system. Maintain a log home appearance with scissor trusses and "false" beams. All Turman roof packages include high quality tongue and groove interior roof decking, insulation, O.S.B. or plywood, and tar paper.

Loft/Second Floor Package

Loft Turman Log Home offers a pre-cut loft package for your second floor. Heavy timber girders and joists tie into your log wall system, all pre-cut and ready for job site assembly. Your package will also include 2" x 8" tongue and groove decking for the floor of your loft. Ask about heavy timbers for stairway stringers and treads, and round rail and pickets!

Sub-Floor Package

A subfloor package is optional with any Turman Log Home. The sub-floor "shiplap log siding" package comes with dimensional lumber or floor trusses, Advantek, sill seal, and skirt boards. Our skirt board is designed to cover the sub-floor bands, and match your log profile.

Gasket Tape, Caulk, Fasteners

Emseal adhesive gasket tape, Log Builder Caulk, and Blue Max Log Fasteners are all included to ensure a tight fit between our profiled and pre-cut logs.

Anderson Windows

Thermatru Doors

Turman Log Homes can also provide any window and door manufacturer that the customer prefers.

Window and Door Bucks

For your door and window bucks, Turman Log Homes provides 2" x 6" lumber with a pre-milled compresion strip for Emseal gasket tape. Also, all customers receive exterior trim for a "rustic" log home look.

Dovetail Corners

High quality precision wood tooling allows Turman Log Homes to offer pre-cut rustic log home corner notching. With a bevel cut to shed water, dovetail corners lock together to ensure tight joinery.


To meet code Turman Log Homes uses a high density spray foam insulation as well as conventional insulation. Porch

Porch Package

Like the timber frame roof system, the Turman pre-cut porch package is all inclusive: 6" x 8" headers, 6" x 6" posts, 4" x 8" rafters, tounge and groove roof paneling, O.S.B., and tar paper. Ask about upgrading to our round porch posts and railing stock.

Shiplap Log Siding

Construct your Turman log home with full log gables or choose our shiplap log siding. We mill eastern white pine log siding to match all of our log profiles. Try log siding for you interior walls, too!

Penetreat Borate Preservative

We strongly recommend Penetreat Borate Preservative. This product comes standard with a Turman Log Homes package. Penetreat will protect your home from rot, and increases protection against wood boring insects.

Sikkens Stain

To finish your house with style we provide each customer with two coats of Sikkens stain and sealant. We offer a wide range of colors, and we feel that Sikkens is the best log home stain on the market.
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