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Log Homes & Cabins
Construction Q. How often does my log home need to be stained?

Turman Log Homes recommends and distributes a product called Sikkens Log & Siding for the exterior treatment of you log home. Sikkens is a stain and wood finish that protects against fading and discoloration due to decay, fungus, and mold while providing water repellency by penetrating deeply into the wood.

Recoat your log home every two to three years on the south and west facing or heavily exposed areas. North and East facing, or sides receiving less exposure, should be maintained every three to four years. Before applying the maintenence coat, follow the maintenence preparation procedures.

Q. What about insects?

Bug Juice has become a staple in Turman Log Homes staining regiment. Bug Juice is a remarkable insecticide stain additive designed to eliminate crawling and flying insects on interior and exterior surfaces.

As an additional safeguard your logs should be treated with Borate. Borate wood preservative is derived from sodium borate, which is often used in laundry soap. Borate protects against termites, carpenter ants, wood destroying beetles and decay. This product is sold by Turman Log Homes in granular form and when mixed with water can be sprayed on your entire home and any other wood area that you may wish to protect. We recommend a termite shield to be installed on the foundation walls and your home lot can also be treated. Also, Turman Log Homes has a list of vendors that supply insect treatments, and we can order anything you need.

During Turman Log Homes' kiln drying process, the temperature in the kiln is raised above the point that kills all bugs, eggs, and larvae that exist in wood when it is cut. Kiln drying your home not only prevents additional shrinkage, checking, and warping of your home but also destroys insects that may be present in air-dried or green logs.

Q. Do you have full log gables?

Yes, not only do we offer full log gables but the gable logs are pre-cut with the roof slope. This eliminates the on-site "chainsaw" method of assembling the gable end resulting in lower labor costs and a better finished home.

Attic Q. What type of structural roof system do you have?

We primarily offer heavy timber roof systems with ridge beam and rafters. Timber frame style trusses are available for structural or aesthetic purposes. All Turman Timber Frame trusses are pre-cut with mortise and tenon joinery. All rafters are precut and notched where necessary. Pre-cut also applies to birdsmouths and plumb cuts. Loft floor/second floor joists are also pre-cut and notched to fit into log walls and beams. Again, saving you labor costs during construction.

Q. How do I deal with the settling of my log home?

If you are having problems with shrinkage and settling, then you don't own a Turman Log Home. We have devoted many years to the development of our kiln drying process that "pre-shrinks" your logs and timber before they arrive at your building site. Many air-dried, green, and so-called "kiln-dried" log homes must make many considerations for shrinkage of the log wall as the moisture is released after the home is constructed. These considerations often include: through bolts with springs, slip joints for windows and doors, the inability to fasten cabinets to log walls, screw jacks in interior walls that have to be tightened as the logs shrink, and many others. These additions complicate the maintenance of your log home and could cause water leakage issues where window slip joints are concerned. Turman Log Homes' kiln drying process and construction methods eliminate all of these common issues.

Q. Can Turman Log Homes erect my log home?

Yes, we offer a dry-in package that is based upon your individual needs.

Q. Can I get other materials for log homes from your company even if I'm not buying a kit?

Yes, besides packaging kit homes, Turman Log Homes is a lineal log home and lumber distributor as well as a supplier of log home building materials. We can get you anything you need when it comes to log home building supplies: from timbers, beams, paneling, and decking to preservative, stain, caulk, screws, and much more!
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