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The Log Home Buying Process

The Log Home Buying Process

Log HomeFollow these simple steps, and you will be in your new log home before you know it!
  1. Learn about our product.
    The more you know, the easier the rest of the process will be. Ask about kiln drying and the benefits of our products and features. We want you to feel confident that your Turman log home will be one of the finest.

  2. Determine what you can afford.
    If you need to borrow money to build your home, contact the lending institution of your choice to pre-qualify for a loan. This will help you establish a budget and may help narrow down the type of home you are looking for.

  3. Select the site of your log home.
    After your site is picked and perk-tested, you will be able to find a home design that will fit nicely on your lot.

  4. Design your home.
    Find a home design that is perfect for you. Turman log Homes has standard house plans from which you can choose. Our design team can customize any of our standard plans to suit your needs. If you do not see exactly what you're looking for, the design team can take your ideas and completely create a custom home to your exact specification.

  5. Get the blueprints.
    Order the preliminary blueprints early. This will ensure that you have a good idea what to expect and will give you plans to present to contractors for estimates on building your home.

  6. Meet with contractor.
    Turman Log Homes can provide a dry-in package which will allow the home owner to either finish the home themselves or have a contractor of their choice to finish it for them. If needed, Turman Log Homes can recommend a Class A contractor.

  7. Apply for your loan.
    Gather the information that is required by your financial institution and secure your construction finances. It's almost time to start your home!

  8. Order your Turman log home.
    Confirm that the design meets your specification, make a deposit, and schedule your delivery date. Turman Log Homes will be manufacturing your package while your site is being prepared. A delivery date will be established while finalizing your order.
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